Marist is Dancing : A Look at the 'First Four'

     Coaches will often preach about the importance of the first four minutes. Not only the minutes following tip off, but the beginning of the second half as well. Let us break down the first four of Marist's 63-45 victory over loyola in the MAAC championship game.

* Missed shots are ones ultimately rebounded by the opposition. For example, a miss can be grabbed on the offensive end and converted and that possession would counted as a made field goal.

First half:

            Loyola                                      Marist

1.        Turnover                                    missed shot

2.        Missed shot                             Field goal

3.        Field goal                                 missed shot

4.        Field goal                                 missed shot

5.        two free throws                       one of two free throws

6.        three point field goal             missed shot

7.       missed shot                            missed shot


Score : 9-3 Loyola

Offensive efficiency : Loyola   129  Marist 43 

- The favorable 9-3 start saw Loyola go backdoor twice and convert against Marist defensive pressure. More important, it gave the Greyhounds confidence as they actually built the lead to nine before Marist made a late first half run.

Second half : Score 25-23 Marist

1.     Turnover                                    missed shot

2.     Turnover                                    missed shot

3.     missed shot                             missed shot

4.     missed shot                             Field goal

5.     missed shot                             missed shot

6.     Turnover                                    missed shot

7.     missed shot                             field goal

Score : 29-23 Marist

First Four efficiency :   Marist  57  Loyola 0

- Marist only outscored Loyola 4-0 but from their perspective they still built the lead from a one to two possession game. Underdog and second seed Loyola had a great opportunity to draw even and possibly retake the lead. They did not capitalize and never drew even again as the game wore on.