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Time to Dance: Tennessee, Southeastern

Who? The Lady Volunteers of Tennessee. They're pretty militant about the Lady part, too.

What? I'm not quite sure how a blue tick coon hound named Smokey represents the gallantry of Army volunteers, but I'm not going to argue, because then Coach Summitt will glare at me.

Where? Knoxville, Tennessee, the former underwear capital of the world.

When? March 6th, in Nashville, Tennessee, home of the largest Kurdish population in the US.

Why? Because they won the Southeastern conference tournament.

How? Tennessee opened up what was a nine-point game at the half to run away from Kentucky, 90-65. Angie Bjorklund found her three-point shot, scoring 23 points off the Lady Vols' bench. Alicia Manning added a double-double in reserve, while starters Shekinna Stricklen and Meighan Simmons had 19 and 16 respectively.

Surprise? The day that Tennessee being in the tournament is a surprise will be the day that women's basketball is revolutionized. The Lady Vols ran undefeated through the SEC.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Pat Summitt, since 1974. Fears nothing, including the toilets at Hartsfield International Airport and raccoons.

RPI: 2

SOS: 5

Record: 31-2 (16-0)

Best win: Stanford (H)

Worst loss: Georgetown (N), but it's hard to pick a bad loss when one's against Baylor on the road and the other is a ranked team at the tail end of a three-day tournament.

Notable results: The bit where they went undefeated at home and swept their way through the SEC was pretty notable. It's hard to pinpoint specific games with a team like Tennessee that you expect to be brilliant.

No one team should have all that power- the Lady Vols sport an average margin of victory of 23.5 points that's only slightly inflated by 60-point pasting of local opponents Chattanooga and East Tennessee State. They're led in scoring by red-hot freshman Meighan Simmons (13.7), but she's only one of four players who average double-figures in scoring. Junior forward Glory Johnson is flirting with a double-double, putting up twelve points and 9.7 rebounds per game. This team will be well rested come NCAA tournament time- no player averages more than thirty minutes.