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NCAA Women's Bracket 2011: Texas A&M Completes The Final Four Field

One of the saddest moments I've seen in a press conference was Texas A&M forward Danielle Adams crying after losing in the second round to the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the Seattle sub-regional last year.

So while of course TAMU won't be content with just making the Final Four after beating Baylor 58-46 tonight, in a season that had to be frustrating with three losses to the Baylor Lady Bears after a disappointing end to last year's tournament this win has to be a little extra sweet.

It's hard not to be happy for both Gonzaga and TAMU, who had great tournament runs this season after playing a second round classic in last year's tournament. But I've been rooting for this TAMU team (more quietly and not in ways that would diminish my west coast street cred) all season.

I find Sydney Carter and Sydney Colson to be one of the most entertaining guard tandems in some time for their defensive prowess and that they combined for 8 steals to take TAMU to the Final Four for the first time was just a great thing to watch.

I've thought TAMU was deserving of top four status all season and by no means does it take away from what Baylor has accomplished to lose a fourth game to this team. The timing was indeed unfortunate, but Baylor will be back.

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