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Video: Sports Science Looks At The Defensive Impact Of Brittney Griner's Reach & Wingspan

Sports Science took a look at Brittney Griner's hand width, wingspan, and standing reach to analyze her range on defense. It's impressive. But they also noted her hand width was greater than LeBron James and standing reach greater than Andrew Bynum's. So I wondered: how do her measurements stack up in the NBA?

Her wingspan (7'3.5") and standing reach (9 feet) is above average by about 2 inches each for the average NBA player, according to DraftExpress' measurements history. So who does she compare most closely to? The closest recent player might be 2010 NBA Draft Lottery pick 6'7.25" Al-Farouq Aminu who has a wingspan of 7'3.25" and reach of 9'0.5". But Griner's measurements most closely match that of Carlos Boozer or Reggie Evans of any player that's enjoyed a long career in the NBA, according to the DX database.

The difference between Griner and NBA players, as might be expected, is that her maximum vertical reach of 11 feet is the same as 6'3" guard Kirk Hinrich. That of course and her 175 pound weight, which is about Reggie Miller territory.