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Time to Dance: Texas A&M

Who? The Aggies of Texas A&M.

What? The A in A&M stands for Agricultural, and like a lot of A&M schools, Texas A&M decided to run with that. Their mascot is a border collie named Reveille- if you're in the Corps of Cadets who take care of her, it's "Miss Reveille, ma'am!" to you.

Where? College Station, Texas.

When? Sunday the 20th, versus McNeese State in Shreveport.

Why? Because if it hadn't been for Baylor, TAMU would only have two losses. They've more than earned their 2 seed, though they probably aren't looking forward to Baylor on top of the bracket.

How? They were an at-large selection out of the Big XII.

Surprise? Nope.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Gary Blair, since 2003. Coach of the lowest seed in women's Final Four history, when Arkansas went as a 9 seed in 1998.

RPI: 6

SOS: 1

Record: 27-5 (13-3 Big XII)

Best win: Oklahoma (A)

Worst loss: Kansas State (A)

Notable results: Duke (L, A, 61-58), Iowa State (W, A, 60-51), and continually whooping up on Oklahoma.

Senior post Danielle Adams draws all the attention with 22.7 points, 8.6 rebounds, and surprising range for a woman of her build. Senior point guard Sydney Colson is also making a name for herself with over six assists and two steals per game. You may need a scorecard to help you remember that Sydney Carter is the junior with the all-around game, while Sydney Colson is the senior distributor. And all gods help you if it's a blowout and reserve guard Skylar Collins jumps into the mix.