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Time to Dance: Miami

Who? The Hurricanes of Miami.

What? Since whirling masses of air and waves of destruction don't lend themselves to fiberglass and fake fur, Miami is represented by an ibis named Sebastian. Tradition holds that the ibis is the last animal to take shelter from a storm and the first to come out afterward.

Where? Miami, Florida. Not the one in Ohio; Redhawks fans get a bit touchy about that.

When? Sunday the 20th, versus Gardner-Webb in Charlottesville.

Why? Tying for the best record in the ACC regular season keeps them high. Losing in the ACC tournament probably cost them a 2.

How? They were an at-large selection from the ACC.


Surprise? That they're in the field, no, not with the season they put together. Their rise is a bit of a surprise (but it's about time).

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Katie Meier, since 2005. She built Charlotte into a strong program in the A-10.

RPI: 12

SOS: 65

Record: 27-4 (12-2 ACC)

Best win: North Carolina (A)

Worst loss: Nebraska (A)

Notable results: Georgetown (W, H, OT, 81-72), Florida State (L, A, 66-59). Really, except for the margins against Duke and UNC, this team did what you would expect them to do.

Miami likes to keep it moving, putting up almost 80 points per game. High-scoring junior guards Riquna Williams and Shenise Johnson are as impressive a tandem as you'll find in the game. Williams averages more points (21.7 versus 19.7), but I much prefer Johnson's more balanced numbers (she also pulls down 8.2 rebounds, nabs more than three steals, and has almost four assists per game). They'll need support from the rest of the team to go deep into the tournament.