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Time to Dance: DePaul

Who? The Blue Demons of DePaul.

What? They weren't trying to be ironic, originally- Demon was a corruption of D-Men, a natural nickname for a team from DePaul. But they went with it, despite the Catholic thing, and are now represented by the Demon In a Blue Suit, DIBS for short. (Is he the spear counterpart of the devil with a blue dress on?) 

Where? Chicago, Illinois, land of the nine-fingered mayor.

When? Saturday the 19th, versus Navy in University Park.

Why? DePaul was long in the mix for a 2 seed, so they're about where they should be. I don't know how thrilled Doug Bruno is about the prospect of UConn, though.

How? They were an at-large selection out of the Big East.


Surprise? DePaul's strength in women's basketball (and soccer, to a lesser extent) is part of why they're in the Big East, so no, this is not a surprise.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Doug Bruno, since 1988. Look, it was just one chair, okay?

RPI: 11

SOS: 28

Record: 27-6 (13-3 Big East)

Best win: Stanford (H)

Worst loss: Arizona State (A)

Notable results: Florida (W, H, 74-73)

Very quietly, and very much under the national radar, this is a very good team. More people need to be talking about the post combo of Felicia Chester and Keisha Hampton. Lots more people need to be talking about the three-point shooting of Anna Martin. I'm just grateful that the supply of Quigleys appears to have dried up after this year.