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Time to Dance: Oklahoma

Who? The Sooners of Oklahoma.

What? Boomer and Sooner are costumed representations of the white ponies that drive the Sooner Schooner in football. Historically, Boomers were the ones who wanted to open up Indian Territory to white settlers, and Sooners were the settlers who went into that territory before the legal time. I leave it up to someone from Oklahoma to explain why they still celebrate this, because it sort of hurts my brain. 

Where? Norman, Oklahoma.

When? Sunday the 20th, versus James Madison in Charlottesville.

Why? A talented and inconsistent major conference team is pretty much the dictionary definition of a 6 seed.

How? They were an at-large selection from the Big XII.

Surprise? Nope. Might have seemed that way once in a while, and the seeding might have seemed strange at some points, but this is about where they should have ended up.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Sherri Coale, since 1996. Quite a good writer.

RPI: 21

SOS: 9

Record: 21-11 (10-6 Big XII)

Best win: Iowa State (H)

Worst loss: Colorado (A)

Notable results: Connecticut (L, A, 86-45), TCU (L, A, 76-69)

High-risk/high-reward senior guard Danielle Robinson runs the show for the Sooners, averaging 18.4 points and just under five assists per game- with just under four turnovers as well. Having sophomore shooter Whitney Hand back has helped the Sooners immeasurably. They've got to keep their heads (and their posts) in the game- at least when I saw them on television, it looked like they weren't able to come back if they got down big.