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Time to Dance: Georgetown

Who? The Hoyas of Georgetown.

What? The Hoya and the "Hoya Saxa!" thing are what happen when you let college students have fun with words. Jack's hat is an old freshman tradition.

Where? Washington, DC, where museum admission's already been taken from your tax dollars. (Best use of taxes ever.)

When? Sunday the 20th, versus Princeton in College Park. (I would very much like to see this game, but I'm going to be at a bridal shower that I don't want to be at. Unfortunately, I can't skip it.)

Why? A great win, a scattering of good wins, and a couple of inexplicable losses translate to a 5 seed for the Hoyas.

How? They were an at-large selection from the Big East.


Surprise? Not anymore.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Terri Williams-Flournoy, since 2004, who's done nothing short of a miracle.

RPI: 19

SOS: 14

Record: 22-10 (9-7 Big East)

Best win: Tennessee (N)

Worst loss: Missouri (N)

Notable results: Maryland, (W, H, 50-46), Connecticut (L, H, 52-42)- this game might have shown a lot of NCAA-level teams a good template to stay competitive with the Huskies, for those squads who don't have an Ogwumike or two to spare.

Sophomore scoring sensation Sugar Rodgers is the story here (no it's not her real name, but hardly anyone calls her Ta'Shauna). Putting up 18.2 points per game, she knows no fear. She can be forced into bad shots- that doesn't mean she won't hit them. Senior guard Monica McNutt is a capable Robin to Rodgers's Batman (please pardon the cliché). Your intrepid blogger is quite fond of diminutive junior point guard Rubylee Wright (and okay, the fact that a fearless and undersized guard is from a town called Latta). The Hoyas might be the streakiest team in the tournament- just as a microcosm of their season, the win and loss listed above as the extremes of their schedule came at the same tournament.