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Time to Dance: Arizona State

Who? The Sun Devils of Arizona State.

What? Arizona State's not even sure whose idea "Sun Devils" was, only that it supplanted more traditional nicknames- there was a time when ASU was known as the Owls.  Sparky, their mascot, is officially dubbed an imp, not a full-fledged devil.

Where? Tempe, Arizona.

When? Saturday the 19th, against Temple in Salt Lake City.

Why? For reasons that your intrepid blogger cannot hope to comprehend, Arizona State received a 7 in the Dayton region. Your intrepid blogger is having a hard time keeping her partially Irish temper through this entry, so she asks for your patience, and possibly some leftover soda bread.

How? that's an excellent question They were an at-large selection from the Pac-10.

Surprise? They hit the magic numbers, but your intrepid blogger will descend into Donald Duck-esque spluttering if she thinks too much about their seeding, so in that regard, yes.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Charli Turner-Thorne, since 1995. Likes her line changes.

RPI: 41

SOS: 42

Record: 20-10 (11-7 Pac-10)

Best win: DePaul (H)

Worst loss: Washington State (H)

Notable results: They lost twice to a 17-15 Cal team that barely qualified for the WNIT. Your intrepid blogger is trying very hard to tamp down her East Coast bias and not publicly shriek in rage that Arizona State got a 7.

The Sun Devils' system of quick rotations and wide-spread minutes is legendary, and tends to depress its players' stats, making Dymond Simon's 13.5 points per game fairly remarkable. Nine players play double-digit minutes for this team, and Adrianne Thomas finished the regular season two minutes shy of being the tenth. Your intrepid blogger will admit to a name-based soft spot for senior forward Becca Tobin, but also likes her 5.7 rebounds per game.