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Video: Oklahoma State's Toni Young Throws Down A Two-Handed Dunk With Ease In WNIT Practice

Swish Appeal's Jessica Lantz has been saying this all season (here, here, and here): 6'1" Oklahoma State Cowgirls forward Toni Young is eventually going to become the first player in program history and eighth in women's college basketball history to dunk in a game.

And as you can see from the video below, she's not dreaming of any barely-make-it-over-the-rim-full-extension-one-hander either - Young can throw down for real.

Oklahoma State's Toni Young is Still Developing Her Dunk - Swish Appeal
"I'm a big competitor with my brother and he keeps me pushing, and he's shorter than me and he can dunk with two hands, so that was my goal - to outdunk him."

If and when it happens?

"He'd probably still say I'm whack," Young said with a laugh. "But no, he tries to knock me sometimes because he knows I'm that person, I want to compete with him and I want to prove him wrong."

Oklahoma State beat Pepperdine tonight behind a career-high 34 points and 17 rebounds from Young and advance to face Wyoming in the second round on Monday at 8 p.m. CST at Wyoming.

Normally these practice dunks aren't a big deal, but I've never seen a women's basketball player get up for a two-handed dunk quite like that.

(h/t @RyanCameron24)