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Women's NCAA Bracket 2011: Selection Show (ESPN, 7 pm EST)

For the complete field, visit the storystream at For quick analysis, visit the storysteam at SBN Seattle.

Selection Monday is finally here and SBN Seattle will has a storystream that will include updates and commentary as it happens, with a particular focus on the WCC Champion Gonzaga Bulldogs.

In addition, if you haven't been keeping track of the automatic bids, be sure to check out Queenie's 31 capsules of every single automatic bid that will be anxiety-free - or at least a little bit less anxious than those without auto-bid security - during the selection process.

Other than that, based upon Charlie Creme's bracketology at ESPN, the top four seeds are pretty much decided, two and three seeds might be a little bit more uncertain if from a predictable set of teams, but their could well be some "movement" between three through five seeds that could influence the path to the Final Four especially for a team like Tennessee that would appear to be a notch below teams like Baylor, Stanford, or UConn.

So if we assume that Baylor, Stanford, and UConn are poised for deep tournament runs, what happens in that Dayton bracket (where Tennessee might presumably be) could be most significant to the Final Four outcome for the teams in it and the teams that get stuck with one of the other Big Three.

Thoughts: Are those Big Three really locks? Has Tennessee made it a big four? Which of those 2 - 3 seeds projected by Creme might be at risk of a fall? Whose bubble is likely to burst?

Please also feel free to post any links, analysis, or reactions you come across during or after the event in the comments.