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Time to Dance: Northern Iowa, Missouri Valley

Who? The Panthers of Northern Iowa.

What? They're represented by TC Panther, whose initials stand for The Cat.

Where? Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

When? March 13th, in St. Charles, Missouri.

Why? Because they won the Missouri Valley conference tournament.

How? Katelin Oney's 16 points led Northern Iowa in a rout of Missouri State, 69-41.


Surprise? Definitely not. The Panthers finished five games ahead of Missouri State.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Tanya Warren, since 2007. She was a standout at Creighton.

RPI: 36

SOS: 112

Record: 27-5 (15-1)

Best win: South Dakota State (H), or maybe Colorado State (A)

Worst loss: New Mexico State (A)

Notable results: Iowa State (L, H, 69-59), Iowa (L, A, 75-64)

I would love to give you a detailed capsule of Northern Iowa. Right now, though, I can't, because their stats page is broken. When the Panthers decide that the regular season matters again, I'll be able to analyze things for you, but I'm not going through every box score to winnow out the team's leaders.