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Time to Dance: Green Bay, Horizon

Who? The Phoenix of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

What? Mythologically, the phoenix was a unique bird that always resurrected itself from its ashes. I have no idea what this has to do with Green Bay athletics, though, only that they are inordinately phond fond of the f-to-ph substitution, especially when it comes to Phlash the Phoenix.

Where? Green Bay, Wisconsin. Perhaps you've heard of the football team there.

When? March 13th, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Why? Because they won the Horizon League conference tournament.

How? Five players in double figures countered 34 points from Butler's Brittany Bowen as Green Bay won 74-63.

Surprise? Nope. The Phoenix went undefeated in conference this season.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Matt Bollant, since 2007. He was previously in the NAIA.

RPI: 23

SOS: 168

Record: 32-1 (18-0)

Best win: Penn State (N)

Worst loss: By default, Marquette (A). It's kinda like writing up UConn. If there's only one loss, by grammatical default it's the worst.

Notable results: Three straight wins at the Caribbean Challenge show that they can bear the tournament schedule. And the Utah win at the end of it is looking pretty good now.

It's a good thing that Green Bay's roster comes with a pronunciation guide, because people are going to need it, with the contributions made by junior guard Julie Wojta and senior guard Celeste Hoewisch. Both can be relied on for more than thirteen points per game, with senior guard Kayla Tetschlag only a few decimal points behind them. They rebound well, they take care of the ball, and they force more than twenty turnovers per game. You don't want to get into a close game with them, either, with all of their core players shooting at least 72% from the line.