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Time to Dance: Prairie View, Southwest Athletic

Who? The Lady Panthers of Prairie View.

What? An excellent question that I will not be able to answer. Prairie View appears to have only recently set up their site, and they're still adding information.

Where? Prairie View, Texas.

When? March 12th, in Garland, Texas.

Why? Because they won the Southwest Athletic conference tournament.

How? A 12-0 run to end the game sealed the deal for the Lady Panthers as they knocked off Southern 48-44.

Surprise? Kind of. They were the second seed in the conference tournament, but they had a good base to build from.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Toyelle Wilson, since 2010. Not bad for her first season.  (You get no link because I can't seem to find one, unless you want her Twitter.)

RPI: 150

SOS: 279

Record: 21-11 (14-4)

Best win: Long Beach State (N)

Worst loss: Mississippi Valley State (A)

Notable results: Iowa State (L, A, 58-50), LSU (L, A, 48-40)

Freshman guard Siarra Soliz has made a splash in her first season, scoring 12.7 points per game. She shows a knack for getting to the line. Now, I'm really trying to infer things from numbers, but the way the shot attempts are distributed makes me think that the Panthers have a very regimented offense- if Option A is not available, go to Option B, but only go to Option C if A and B are both closed off, do not attempt to go from A to C.