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Time to Dance: Hartford, America East

Who? The Hawks of Hartford.

What? The Hawk nickname, while generic on the surface, appears to have roots in an actual school tradition. The Hawk has had many names- the current one is Howie.

Where? West Hartford, Connecticut. Hands up, everyone who knew that there was a West Hartford before the Hawks started hosting the early rounds of the conference tournament.

When? March 9th, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Why? Because they won the America East conference tournament.

How? Hartford got double-digit scoring from four starters, including a double-double for Ruthanne Doherty, and the Hawks knocked off Boston University, 65-53.

Surprise? Yes and no. Hartford knocked out top-seeded UMBC in the semifinals, and has been going through a less than stellar season, but it's never a surprise when a conference power rights the ship in the conference tournament.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Jennifer Rizzotti, since 1999. An award-winning point guard in her college days- played at some school way out in the boondocks.

RPI: 147

SOS: 160

Record: 17-15 (11-5)

Best win: Out of conference, it might be Sacred Heart (H). UMBC (H) in the conference tournament might be the real one.

Worst loss: Central Connecticut (A)

Notable results: Marist (H, L, 50-47)

It used to be that Hartford would have a sparkling talent who would shine in the setting of the America East and show their stuff in the challenging non-conference slate. This... is not one of those years for the Hawks. Erica Beverly, Diana Delva, and Ikea Witt might be walking through that door, but only in pantsuits. This year's Hartford team has no one averaging in double figures, but goes deep to counterbalance that, with all but one player getting over ten minutes a game. Sophomore forward Ruthanne Doherty has upped her numbers in conference play.