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Time to Dance: Montana, Big Sky

Who? The Grizzlies of Montana. Called the Griz for short, or the Lady Griz in this context.

What? Monte is short for Montana, so the Montana Grizzlies are represented by Montana. Don't think through the recursions or your head will explode.

Where? Missoula, Montana, birthplace of the first woman elected to the United States Congress. (Jeanette Rankin, bad-ass pacifist, yo.)

When? March 12th, in Portland, Oregon.

Why? Because they won the Big Sky conference tournament.

How? Three Montana players scored in double figures as the Lady Griz eked out a 62-58 win over hosting Portland State.


Surprise? This season, yes. Montana finished fourth in the Big Sky, two games behind Portland State and Northern Colorado.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Robin Selvig, since 1978. Probably still hasn't forgiven Wayne Tinkle.

RPI: 143

SOS: 150

Record: 18-14 (10-6)

Best win: Denver (H)

Worst loss: Northern Arizona (A)

Notable results: James Madison (L, N, 76-69), Florida Gulf Coast (L, N, 68-52); if this year had been up to Montana's usual standards, this might have been a really good mid-major (and Iowa) tournament.

Somehow Robin Selvig keeps doing it. Other schools and other conferences are nibbling at his recruiting territory, and he's still pulling rabbits (or grizzlies) out of his hat. Sophomore forward Katie Baker appears to be this year's rabbit (or grizzly), with 11.9 points and 7.4 boards per game. Sophomore guard Kenzie De Boer and senior guard Stephanie Stender are also key contributors.