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Time to Dance: Navy, Patriot

Who? The Midshipmen of Navy, Mids for short.

What? Well, it's what they are, or at least what they will be, in a way that I don't think any school other than Centenary can claim. They're represented by Bill the Goat, who hails from the days when naval vessels would bring goats along as garbage disposals and dairy animals.

Where? Annapolis, Maryland.

When? March 12th, in Annapolis, Maryland.

Why? Because they won the Patriot League conference tournament.

How? Jade Geif's double-double (16 points, 10 rebounds) powered Navy to a comeback win over American, 47-40.


Surprise? Nope. It was a three-way tie on top of the Patriot League standings, and Navy got the top seed on tie-breakers, therefore hosting the final game.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Stefanie Pemper, since 2008. She was part of the Harvard coaching staff in 1998. I can't imagine why she might feel confident about being a low seed going into the NCAA tournament.

RPI: 145

SOS: 252

Record: 19-11 (10-4)

Best win: American (A)

Worst loss: Loyola (H)

Notable results: Florida (L, N, 52-43), Delaware (L, H, 60-55)

Senior guard Angela Myers makes this team run, scoring 12.2 points and dishing over five assists per game. This is not a team that takes great care of the ball, and only has one 80% free throw shooter. Okay, maybe Coach Pemper should worry.