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Time to Dance: Bowling Green, Mid-American

Who? The Falcons of Bowling Green.

What? Freddy and his distaff counterpart Freida are the only mascots I know of who explicitly wear Converse. There's something delightfully old-school about that.

Where? Bowling Green, Ohio, which is apparently also where they wear Chucks, not Bally's.

When? March 12th, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why? Because they won the Mid-American conference tournament.

How? Lauren Prochaska had 20 points to lead the Falcons over Eastern Michigan, 51-46.

Surprise? Not really. Toledo was the number one overall seed, but Bowling Green won their division and is always a strong presence in the MAC.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Curt Miller, since 2001.  He spent the 1998-199 season with Colorado State; that seems to be a really good year to have started with CSU, for some reason...

RPI: 42

SOS: 159

Record: 28-4 (13-3)

Best win: Vanderbilt (H), UALR (N)

Worst loss: Evansville (A)

Notable results: See above regarding Little Rock, a game that I would have loved to have seen.


Senior leadership is the key for this Falcon team. With senior forward Lauren Prochaska adding to the BGSU career scoring record at a 17.8 PPG clip, including 91% on free throws (a very neat 91% as of yesterday, too- 182 of 200), they have an option they can rely on in the clutch. They've had the same starting lineup all season, and their starters all play heavy minutes; Prochaska logs 34.7, while senior guard Tracy Pontius and sophomore guard Chrissy Steffen also see the court for more than thirty minutes a game.