The Week it was for potential draft picks in the WNBA

When two potential draft picks( or three) play against each other, it usually is weekly and not on consecutive days. Starting from Sunday(Feb 7) there are/were 4 NCAA games that featured potential draft picks. Jantel Lavender, Amy Jaeschke, Victoria Dunlap, Jessica Breland, Jasmine Thomas, Angie Byorklund*, Maya Moore and Sarah Miles all played or are playing this week against one another. 3 NCAA games have passed that had WNBA lottery potential.

Feb 6th.

Ohio State vs Northwestern - Jantel Lavender (Ohio State) vs Amy Jaeschke (Northwestern)

Feb 7th

Duke vs North Carolina - Jasmine Thomas(Duke) vs Jessica Breland (North Carolina)

Tennessee vs Kentucky - Victoria Dunlap (Kentucky) vs Angie Bjyorklund* (Tennessee)

*Angie was not playing yesterday due to a foot injury

Feb 8th

Connecticut vs West Virginia - Maya Moore(Connecticut) vs Sarah Miles (West Virginia)

I was not able to watch the games that featured these players against one another unfortunately. I do hope once my schedule slows down to be able to catch at least one game that features two potential lottery picks against one another.

Just for fun, I outlined all the dates that have 2 potential lottery picks playing against each other. So save these dates!

Feb 9th

Oaklahoma vs Texas A&M - Danielle Robinson(Oaklahoma) vs Danielle Adams(Texas A&M)

Feb 13th

Boston College vs Duke - Carolyn Swords (Boston College) vs Jasmine Thomas (Duke)

Feb 14th

Oaklahoma vs Connecticut - Danielle Robinson(Oaklahoma) vs Maya Moore(Connecticut)

Feb 27th

North Carolina vs Duke - Jessica Breland(North Carolina) vs Jasmine Thomas(Duke)