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St. Peter's College Holiday Classic: Dayton 73 South Florida 63

Jersey City, NJ - Game one of the two day St. Peter's College Holiday Classic at St. Peter's saw Dayton of the Atlantic Ten defeat Big East representative South Florida. Notes scribbled during the game are elaborated on following the jump.

Dayton played 2-3 zone and did it well. For a good part of the contest Dayton zoned and South Florida struggled in breaking it. All too often the Bulls settled for a three or put the ball in the hands of senior guard Jasmine Wynne with the hope of her creating via a jumper or penetration. The last eight minutes of the first half South Florida managed three field goals, all by Wynne. Late in the game Dayton switched to a man.

"South Florida came into the game shooting 26% from three point range," Dayton coach Jim Jabir. "On the night they hit 41% from three so we had to change up late. Our man was very effective in the stretch and I am not afraid to use it. I would rather get a foul than give up a three pointer."

South Florida's press was effective. At the half Jabir instructed his Flyer club to stop being tentative.

"We were bothered by South Florida's full court pressure and that is to their credit," he said. "We had way too many turnovers."

The Flyers had 20 turnovers for a 24% TO rate. South Florida was in even worse shape with 26 for a turnover rate of 30%.

Dayton got the Message. At the half Dayton led 33-28. The first five possessions of the second half saw the Flyers operate at maximum efficiency. The breakdown:

1. FG

2. Three point FG

3. FG

4. 2 Free Throws

5. Three point FG

That is 12 points and an offensive efficiency of 240. South Florida's first seven possessions saw as many turnovers (3) as points (one three pointer). At the 16 minute media time out the Flyers led 45-34 and were on their way.

Dayton is not afraid to shoot and can hit the three. The 'bigs' are encouraged, in fact, to take it.

"We want all our big players to shoot the three," Jabir said. "Even in transition we will look for that shot."

Best of the group is Justine Raterman. The 6-1 senior forward came into the game leading Dayton in scoring at 14.8 ppg., Offensively, 37% of her points are from downtown while 50% of her shots are beyond the arc. Tonight she tied Jasmine Wynne of South Florida for scoring honors with 26 points. Raterman shot better from three than insidew the arc as the numbers show:

Two point FG 2-6 33%

Three point FG 7-11 64%

This drives coaches crazy. Dayton led by 6 points with 50 seconds to go. South Florida is over the foul limit. The Flyers inbound the ball with a fresh shot. Seconds after the inbound a hook shot is attempted in the lane. Miss and South Florida rebound. It wound up having no effect on the outcome but with clock to burn why rush a shot? Can't forget these are 18-22 year olds and they can err at times. Like all of us.

The numbers. A fast paced contest as possessions bear out:

Dayton 84

South Florida 87

Offensive Efficiency:

Dayton 87

South Florida 72

The latter number a testament to the Flyer defense. As noted they forced 26 turnovers and did not press. One thing they did and forced a few late TOs was, in their man to man they double teamed the wings near the sidelines and in the corner.

Dayton improved to 7-4, South Florida is now 7-6.