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Chartwells Holiday Classic: The Analysis

Queens, NY - Day two of the Chartwells Holiday Classic at St. John's has La. Tech facing Prairie View A & M in the consolation. St. John's tips off against Memphis in the championship.

A look back at the opening round possession stats after the jump.


St. John's 66 Prairie View 50

Memphis 86 LA Tech 67


St. John's 72

Prairie View 73

Offensive Efficiency:

St. John's 92

Prairie View 69

In game two....


Memphis 82

LA Tech 79

Offensive Efficiency:

Memphis 105

LA Tech 85

A common thread from the opening games was care of the ball. Rather, carelessness with the ball. The respective turnover rates from Saturday's action:

Prairie View 33%

St. John's 28%

Memphis 24%

La Tech 23%

Keep in mind a rate under 20% is considered efficient for a smooth running offense.

Sunday's consolation between La tech and Prairie View saw the first four minutes 'won' by Tech 8-7. Tech had seven possessions (114 OE) to the six of Prairie View (117 OE). Other first half notes....

Game was tied at the half at 31. Longest part of the half came with 9 seconds to play as the officials and scorer's table tried to sort out a bookkeeping error on fouls. Not good (for the officials, I know the feeling) with two supervisors, including the main one from the Big East, sitting courtside.

Half possessions:

La Tech 37

Prairie View 35

Offensive Efficiency:

La tech 84

Prairie View 89

Turnover Rates are still high with both over 30%. La Tech was 32% with Prairie View at 31%. The offensive efficiencies show the result. Tech had one offensive board, a 9% OREB percentage.Both teams had decidedly more turnovers than three point attempts.

Tech was 0 of three from three point land with a dozen TOs. Prairie View, 1 for six from beyond the arc and 11 turnovers. Despite a deeper squad, La Tech had three players log the full twenty minutes.

Individually impressed with Jelena Vucinic. The 5-9 sophomore guard from New Zealand, did a nice job running the floor and penetrating the lane.

Despite the turnovers, an entertaining first twenty minutes.