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Diana Taurasi Links: "B" Test Positive According To Turkish Television Station

According to a Turkish television report, Diana Taurasi's "B" sample in her drug screening test has come back positive for the banned stimulant modafinil.

SBN Arizona's Seth Pollack still has the most even-handed piece about this situation of any I've read, published around the time the "A" sample test results were reported.

To summarize, facts do matter, some facts are more important than others in this case, and it is possible to weigh the facts in front of us without making this a referendum on Taurasi's character. It doesn't take a legal scholar to figure out that neither a past DUI nor showing up at a school to promote drinking milk nor being dedicated to her craft a) has much of anything to do with whether a banned substance entered her body or b) establishes intent if indeed there is official confirmation of the test result.

So let's not pretend that any of us has any unique insight regarding this situation. Until there's an official report, it's hard to respond reasonably one way or the other to the unofficial reports. But after the jump are links with information about the latest developments in this situation.

Reports: Diana Taurasi's 'B' sample positive for banned substance - ESPN

More Information On Taurasi - UConn Women's Basketball, Connecticut Sun & WNBA Blog
The lab in Turkey conducting these tests is affiliated with the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). Once the information is submitted to WADA, it will hold a meeting, to which Taurasi and her lawyer will be invited. And at that point, she will have a chance to defend herself against these allegations.

Diana Taurasi's lawyer says report that her 'B' sample was positive is false; slams Turkish lab
"I don't believe it's been reported officially at all," Howard Jacobs said. "Without any source cited, what I know is that there is no official report now." He said Taurasi had not been notified of the results.

Aussie star resists Turkish doping tests
Haberturk newspaper says Taylor and Hana Horakova of the Czech Republic provided samples only after Turkey's Basketball Federation agreed to send them to Germany for testing at a lab in Cologne.

Taurasi's Second Drug Sample Tests Positive - Hartford Courant
Two of Taurasi's teammates on the Turkish powerhouse Fenerbahce, including WNBA and Australian national team star Penny Taylor, apparently have reason to believe someone may be tampering with urine samples taken from some players, including Taurasi.