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Special edition: Tweets from last week... and then there were two


Twelve teams began the season with high expectations of the 2010 WNBA season. Just eight teams entered the post-season push for the prize. And now only two remain to fight for the trophy. 

When the Seattle Storm and Atlanta Dream took just two games apiece to win their conference and earn the right to play in the finals, many were watching. Not only the traditional WNBA fan, but also those from around the league that were eliminated from contention. During the finals-deciding games, many of those who are used to being on the court, rather than watching with the rest of us let us in on what they thought of the competition. Here is a side-by-side compilation of tweets from players during both games.

Seattle Storm win 91-88 vs. the Phoenix Mercury

 Renee Montgomery - Da20one  
Looks like we are gonna have a good finish..... #WNBA

Epiphanny Prince - Piphdagreat10
Lol lmbo. Man I love Taurasi

Chasity Melvin - chasitymelvin
RT @Piphdagreat10 Lol lmbo. Man I love Taurasi.
She's Da Truth

Tina Charles - tinacharles31
RT @Piphdagreat10: Lol lmbo. Man I love Taurasi

Prince -
Omg. Y'all need to tune into this Phoenix Seattle game
Wow tied game

Marion Jones - marionjones
Got a ballgame folks!

Prince -
Yes Chas. Yes RT @chasitymelvin: RT. Phoenix is killing
me right. Now @Piphdagreat10 Wow tied game

Charles -
Heading out some one tell me about the game

Melvin -
@Piphdagreat10 overtime DT can't let Sue beat

Lindsay Wisdom - Wisdom_14
Daaayyyumm sue bird

Prince -
@tinacharles31 Seattle won
@chasitymelvin maybe this one time

Monique Currie - Mocurrie25
Dang I'm missing the game!!! Coming back from
vacation so I can't complain too much :)

Montgomery -
Woooooow!!! Unreal game #wnba

Melvin -
RT ahhhh DT has a heart,;)@Piphdagreat10 @chasitymelvin
maybe this one time

Alison Bales - alibales 
Well Seattle pulled it out the end but as @angel_35 said

Kiesha Brown - kbfaith4
Great game! I actually watched!

Crystal Kelly - c42k
Omg that game was amazing !!!!

Lindsay Whalen - Lindsay_13 
Great comeback by Seattle. Fun game to watch! Huge
shot by Sue!!

From the victor:
Ashley Robinson - missarob43
The crew watching the 4th quarter!!!

From the ousted:
Tameka Johnson - Quickdeuce
Dain dain dain. That's all I can say

Atlanta Dream win 105-93 vs. the New York Liberty

 Renee Montgomery - Da20one
WNBA playoff time!

Ticha Penicheiro - TichaPenicheiro 
On vacation,but can't stay away!Glad I found a place
2watch the game!What can I say: I'm a bball fan + a
WNBA addict!! ;) #ilovethisgame

Tina Charles - tinacharles31
These fast breaks are killin liberty man

Christi Thomas - cmt3204
Who's at the dream game tonight? New York is
starting slow but I have faith!

Tammy Sutton-Brown - tksb15 
Love it when ya'll support us women
RT @KingJames  Watching this WNBA game. Must
win for the Liberty.[yes, that King James - LeBron]

Kiesha Brown - kbfaith4
At atl-ny game. I think hottest team in the league will
win the ship!

The most ppl I've ever seen at a Dream game. Good
for the WNBA and the Dream

Chasity Melvin - chasitymelvin 
Enjoying this Liberty / Dream game with my brother.
Its a great atmosphere and the games not to bad either..;)

Epiphanny Prince - Piphdagreat10 
Update me on the liberty game please

Brown -
Angel is going for career highs

Melvin -
Okay desouza got out the paint NY prolly wants her to
get back in

NY is in trouble Atlanta has 90pts with 4mins to go....
I aint saying I'm just saying....

I don't know which was more motivating getting swept
by the Dream or watching this team and their fans celebrating....
I must say I'm so happy for my girl Coco I loved playing
with her when she was with the Mystics. One of the
hardest workers in the W

Congrats ATLANTA AND SEATTLE NOW Ball out and
give the WNBA an exciting Finals....

RT @Jamcol40 @chasitymelvin Is Coco focused
or what........ she deserves it...luv her

Cheryl Ford - cford35 
Congrats to @AtlantaDream for winning the
Eastern Conference Finals! well deserved!

Penicheiro -
Game over! Congrats 2 The Dream!! Angel is a BEAST!!
And I can't wait 2 watch the finals!! They weren't lying
when they said "expect great"!

Marion Jones - marionjones 
Atlanta won 4 games in it's inaugural seas three years
ago. Now they are going to the WNBA finals

Just saying.....

Monique Currie - Mocurrie25
There is small consolation in having the team that
eliminated you make it to the finals...

From the victor:
Brittainey Raven - hunnibee10 
My God is GOOD!! Thank you all!!

Angel McCoughtry - angel_35

From the ousted:
Cappie Pondexter - @cappa23
Ny forever its in my blood now! I'm going hard for u guys
watch me come back even stronger