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Tweets from last week: Champions Edition

It's hard to believe the 2010 WNBA season saw its end five days ago. It's even harder to believe that today would be the day of a Game 5, had it been necessary in the series between Atlanta and Seattle.

As we are all very much aware, all that was needed was the bare minimum of three games to show that the team that started the regular season with a tear ended in much the same fashion. So to follow in the celebratory mood that has been following around the newest champions of the league, here are some notes of congratulations twitter-style from after Thursday's sweep became the Storm's crowing moment of 2010.

From those who fell short:


From those watching from home, instead of the court:



Monique Currie (Mocurrie25):  
@swincashWhat is it? you tryna even up your pro and college championship titles? :)

Nakia Sanford (NS43):
Great game....heart was pounding....#expectgreat #wnba

Kiesha Brown (kbfaith4):
Congrats Seattle. Great season! Its hard to play against experience but Atlanta showed what heart can accomplish

Matee Ajavon (ajavonfor3):
Congrats to SEATTLE

Rebekkah Brunson (twin1532):
Congrats @seattlestormfor being WNBA champs. Great job ladies!!!
In the world. U can even go to the moon and not find a better pg than sue bird!! To the moon I say!!!!

Nichole Ohlde (Faith_In_ONE):
Congrats seattle...another great game!

Tina Charles (tinacharles31):
Came on Twitter just to see who won congrads to Seattle @missarob43 and @SwinCash
RT @ROB_HAMPTON1: Ppl dont understand at ck we do this BBall shytLamar odom=NBA chipSue bird=WNBA chipTina charles=WNCAA chip#CKSTANDUP

Plenette Pierson (ppierson234):
Congrats to the Seattle Storm 2010 WNBA Champs! I stayed up just to watch! Bed time early morning tomorrow!

Jene Morris (JeneMorris):
Congrats to seattle. Beasted all season.

Cappie Pondexter (cappa23):
Congrats to seattle! Work hard win easy

From those not playing in the league, but enjoying the league nonetheless:


Bill Fennelly - head coach at Iowa State (ISUCoachFen):
Congrats to Aus and the Seattle Storm-as a rookie she is on a championship team!

Matt Hasselbeck - quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks (Hasselbeck):
Congrats to LJ, Sue Bird & company ** World Champs **

From the champions: 


Ashley Robinson (missarob43): 
Coach just drowned with champagne!!!