Calling all lurkers: Come out, come out wherever you are!!

OK - it's time to stop playing hide and seek. Well, hide, since you're playing "invisible" on Swish Appeal! And just like The Hills Have Eyes, so does this blog. We see the droves and droves of you that read the site, but never make your presence known.

Now is the time to stop playing wallflower and mingle with your fellow women's basketball enthusiasts. Yes, we must admit "people watching" is a fun past-time, however you're creeping us out! And we're genuinely interested in your opinion. Besides, SBN is about community - so continue to reading to learn how to join the neighborhood!

Here's the challenge:

  • If you are a lurker (someone who reads the site, but never posts comments), sometime in the next 24 hours post your first comment.
  • Say what you want! You don't have to give us the meaning of sport, a simple I heart (favorite WNBA team/player) will do the trick.
  • You don't even have to explain your choice unless you want to.
  • You don't have to say much if you're shy.
  • If that's too much of a leap into the community, just dip your toe in with "Hi, I'm a lurker".
  • Comment anywhere you like. In this story, in a game thread, wherever suits your fancy.
  • This is a women's basketball blog. So if you like the college game, tell us! You like the international game, tell us too! You like to go to your neighborhood high school gym and watch your best friend's daughter, that's ok by us! Just let us know about it.

If you really want to branch out, SBN has these great things (see the right sidebar) called fan posts and fan shots. Post a link, a picture you took, a video you find on the web and share it with the rest of the community. Or if you fancy yourself a writer, submit a fan post and start a discussion. And for your information, this post right here is a fan post - it's not hard! These are quick and painless tools to get more involved and let the rest of the Swish Appeal community in on the news of the day (click here to see a tutorial of all of these features).

Also, during the WNBA playoffs we will have open game threads set up for each and every playoff game, whether we have a writer/photographer/contributor there or not. So join in the discussions and cheer on the (insert team name here)!

Bottom line is this, if you're new to the neighborhood but never make yourself known, how can we know to bake you an apple pie and set it on your doorstep?

Oh yeah - and welcome to the neighborhood! We're glad you're here!