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Getting schooled with Amber Holt

Amber Holt, part of a draft day deal in conjunction with Chante Black, averaged 8.7 points and 3.1 rebounds in her second season in the league. [season and career statistics]

What I learned in 2010:

About myself -

I learned how to try to be mentally strong, block out all the negatives. I learned a lot from Coach Richardson as far as what he wants. Running down the floor, being in shape.

About my game -

I think I improved from two years to this year, but I'll still be improving and coming back strong.

About my teammates -

My teammates, they're great. They're funny and everything. We're so close, it's unbelievable.

About the coaches -

Just to play to win. Go out there and play hard no matter what. Come back in the locker room at the end of the game deadbeat tired no matter what.

About Tulsa -

It's hot. The fans love us, it's great to have a fan base. I love the fans and just say thank you for them for staying with us and everything.

My fondest memory -

Being with my teammates, laughing. Plus the fans. The first home game that we won, that was a good thing.

My toughest memory -

Losing by 50. That is horrible. I've never lost by 50 in my whole career, so that 50-point game.

My offseason plans -

I'm planning on going over to Hungary to play overseas for the offseason and get better while I'm over there. Come back strong and play with heart like I always do. Come out and play hard like I always do with more to my game.