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Getting schooled with Jennifer Lacy

Jennifer Lacy, signed June 7th along with Ivory Latta, averaged 7 points and 3 rebounds in her 24 games wearing the Shock uniform. [career and season statistics]

What I learned in 2010:

About myself -

Just perseverance, just got to push through anything and everything

About my game -

I've learned a lot ...

About my teammates -

They're really a strong group of women. We had a lot of fun together, we had really great chemistry and it was awesome getting to know everyone in this time together. I think we all would have liked the result to be a little bit different, but we're excited to have had this opportunity to be together.

About the coaches -

Just a new style of play. They've introduced us to a new style of basketball.

About Tulsa -

It's a great community. They really, really are supportive and it's been great to have them behind us this whole season.

My fondest memory -

We'll say Keisha's half-court shot that she made in the Seattle game.

My toughest memory -

Probably the Seattle game, yeah.

My offseason plans -

I'm going to be overseas playing in Russia.
Injury update - I'm good. It's just really temporary. I'm still going to be able to work out so I'll be prepared and on time and ready to go overseas.