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Getting schooled with Chante Black

Chante Black averaged 5.2 points and 6.5 rebounds per game for the Shock in her second year in the WNBA. [career and season statistics]

What I learned in 2010:

About myself -

It's not really a learning thing, it's moreso like getting through adversity, fighting adversity and overcoming things. Everybody goes through rough things in life, but it's how you prevail through them and tonight we came up with a win. So just learning to stay with it.

About my game -

Every year I'm taking from it a way to get better, a way to improve and of course, jump shots, free throws I definitely want to work on in the offseason.

About my teammates -

Oh man, it's like family. I've only been in the league two years, but they're so close and so nice and we care so much about each other that it's like a family. I really enjoy them and love them.

About the coaches -

It's tough love. When you're going through a struggling year, you're going to say some things and they're new. But overall, they care about us too and they care about Tulsa.

About Tulsa -

Tulsa. The support - the support here is tremendous. For everyone to show up and come out and support us on this last game, it means a lot. I feel like this is a great place to have a WNBA team because of the support.

My fondest memory -

I would say the first game. It was a loss, but coming out here and seeing this place packed, that was like a rare thing for the WNBA. So to see that support and love shown that game, I was in awe.

My toughest memory -

That's easy, by far. Seattle. To just get hammered, you just never want to be down like that to a place you can't dig yourself out of so that was my toughest one.

My offseason plans -

Overseas. I'll be over there for seven months. And this year the WNBA season will be pushed back so we'll all be here for training camp. I've got a lot of time to work on things.