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Getting schooled with Nicole Ohlde

Nicole Ohlde, acquired from Phoenix on July 23rd, averaged 25.9 minutes, 7.9 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game in her 12 games as a member of the Tulsa Shock. [career and season statistics]

What I learned in 2010:

About myself -

To adapt. Obviously with me coming in a good month ago maybe, just going from one team to another and being able to adapt to things, switch things up and be ready to go with the flow.

About my game -

That I can play a couple different styles. In Phoenix, we liked to run but at the same time we set offenses up and here we're just kind of playing free and getting out and running.

About my teammates -

They are all crazy - all of them. In a crazy fun way. You know, I only knew them for three or four weeks, but they're all amazing teammates.

About the coaches -

They have a different coaching philosophy than I'm used to, but obviously they know how to win and they really want to bring it here and they have a hard work ethic to do that.

About Tulsa -

It's really a great city. I didn't know a lot just coming from Phoenix to downtown there wasn't much going on. But no - it's a great city, very spread out and amazing, amazing fans.

My fondest memory -

From Phoenix - probably the ring ceremony, yeah. When we got our rings at the beginning of the year. Just the whole atmosphere like from after this game; winning the game, having the crowd here, sharing that with my teammates.

My toughest memory -

Probably the first day when I got traded just because I wasn't aware of what was actually going to happen.

My offseason plans -

I'm going to go to Italy and play; take some time off and then go to Italy.