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Getting schooled with Kiesha Brown

Kiesha Brown joined the team on June 7th. In her 27 games with the Shock, she averaged 5.7 points, 2 rebounds, 2.4 assists in 17.8 minutes per game. [season and career statistics]

What I've learned in the 2010 WNBA season:

About myself -

That's tough, I'm 31. You know, challenges come every day and you overcome them, you become better people, you become a better teammate, you just become a better friend. There's always going to be adversity in every sense of the imagination, especially with the first year of an organization. I think for me, I think I was here just to kind of help guide to a degree because I've been on numerous teams and I understand what a close-to-perfect organization is, I understand what a not close-to-perfect organization is, not saying Tulsa, but being able to share my experience. I think it's kind of invaluable for what they have right now and what's going to become of next year.

About my game -

Every year I improve, every year I think I keep improving and that's the biggest thing. It's just a game and when you lose the joy of playing the game you need to stop and I still have the joy to play the game. I really love it. I love the camaraderie, the competition and every day is never the same.

About my teammates -

They're crazy, just crazy. It's different because we're just in different - I think where I am in my life and where the younger ones are, it's two totally different realms. Being able for everybody to kind of coincide in the same room and different views and the same views in some aspects, it's fun to get people's perspective.

About my coaches -

Growth. I think that there's going to be growth all over. It's one of those things where you hope they grow, you hope we grow and you hope that as a group we grow together.

About Tulsa -

The city is very loved. The people from Tulsa, they love Tulsa, they love to kind of hug new people into Tulsa. They want to show us what Tulsa's about and obviously downtown is not going to give you a true sense of what Tulsa is, it's when you get out to the outskirts and to the strips Peoria and Utica that you really see what Tulsa's about and the restaurants and everything. It's just fabulous.

My fondest memory from 2010 -

My favorite on the court memory I guess would be my first buzzer-beater, half-court shot. My first in the WNBA in eight years, so I think I'll take that simple victory.

My toughest memory from 2010 -

I think it's just the adversity, it comes and goes. It's gonna come with every team, it's not just here. It comes with any team you play on because you're going to have days when you don't agree with certain people or certain things, certain philosophies so it's just about getting over the hump.

My offseason plans -

I go to Zaragoza, Spain. This will be my sixth season in Spain.