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Getting schooled with the Tulsa Shock

Rashanda McCants fondest memory - meeting President Barack Obama, with his daughter Sasha at the Shock/Mystics game
Rashanda McCants fondest memory - meeting President Barack Obama, with his daughter Sasha at the Shock/Mystics game

A new school year has arrived for all the boys and girls across the land. But for four WNBA teams their 2010 school experience has come to a close after missing the playoff cut.

One such team is the Tulsa Shock, fresh off their first-year post-relocation and a 6-28 season. The students and teachers alike with the organization have learned a lot in this trying season - about themselves, their basketball abilities, their teammates, their coaches, and the new summer home.

11 individuals with 11 views of what they've taken away from the WNBA this year, including reflection on fondest and toughest memory and just what they'll be doing in the offseason.

About themselves and their character, Kiesha Brown learned more about not only dealing with adversity, but how her seniority gave her the opportunity to share her experiences from other organizations. Ivory Latta has learned how to be a leader, both on the court and off, growing not only as a basketball player, but as a young lady.

Tiffany Jackson knows her game still has room to grow, and she's dedicated to continuing the path towards improvement. Recognizing that confidence is a major contributor to her success is what Scholanda Robinson took from her fifth year in the league.

Chante Black likens her teammates to a family, expressing her love for the team. Marion Jones firmly states that they genuinely like each other, a saving grace which allowed for strength through the struggles.

Jen Lacy says the coaches have introduced her to a new style of play, a style they've introduced to the entire league, not just the 11 who put on the Shock uniform. For Amber Holt, playing to win and giving your all until you can give no more is what the coaches have instilled in her this season.

For most, the fan support and sense of community are the first things that come to mind on what they've learned about Tulsa. Unconditional support, amazing fans, a proud community, loyal and die-hard were all themes that were seen throughout.

For fondest memory on the court, one needs to look no further than the Shock's upset win over Seattle leading the charge. Shanna Crossley's fondest memories include not only that win, but also on her first game back after battling a serious staph infection that landed her in the hospital mid-season. For Rashanda McCants, a brush with the President topped her list.

The hands down winner of the memory that would rather be forgotten also includes Seattle - the 46 point loss that had the team reeling in KeyArena just two weeks ago. Nicole Ohlde's toughest memory was more personal - the day she learned she was leaving Phoenix and the uncertainty of the situation.

This offseason will see the team scatter throughout the world - to Russia, Turkey, Israel, Hungary, Spain and Italy - with others still waiting to determine their path the to the 2011 season, working to improve and grow and people and players.

One thing is certain, this team is that indeed - a team, a unit, a solid force that expects to be a force to be reckoned with in the not so distant future. So while the eight playoff-bound teams continue on their road to the rings, these 11 will tread the path toward the road to redemption in 2011.

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