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Game thread & preview: Tulsa Shock vs. Los Angeles Sparks - which will start the fire tonight?

Andrea Riley imitates Michael Jordan, one of her idols - <em>photo by <a href="">Craig Bennett/112575 images</a></em>
Andrea Riley imitates Michael Jordan, one of her idols - photo by Craig Bennett/112575 images

Please join along for some in-game threading from the BOK!

Who: Tulsa Shock (5-25) host the Los Angeles Sparks (11-19)

What: The Shock scramble for end of the season wins as the Sparks scramble for a post-season playoff spot

When:7:00 p.m. cst

Where:BOK Center - Tulsa, OK || LiveAccess

The Story: preview

One can't deny that it can be hard to find the story amidst the stumbles of the Tulsa Shock. Their theme has been one of fighting through every game and (trying) to maintain a stiff upper lip in the face of adversity. The same goes for tonight. Tonight will mark Tulsa's sixth back-to-back of the season and none of their five wins this year have come on the backside of consecutive games. Their back-to-backs this season have been vs. Minnesota / @ Chicago,  @ San Antonio / @ Phoenix, @ Minnesota / vs. Minnesota, @ San Antonio / @ Phoenix, @ Los Angeles / @ Seattle and now @ San Antonio / vs. Los Angeles. Tonight might mark one of the better remaining opportunities for the Shock to get to a half dozen on the season.

The story I'll be watching tonight, however, is that of Andrea RIley. Riley, an Oklahoma State University alum, had perhaps her best game of her rookie season in Tulsa on July 13th. In this contest, she went 4-for-6 from the field, 3-for-5 from 3-point range, 3-for-4 from the line to total 14 points. She didn't quite equal her season-high of 16 points to start the season, but in that game she shot a dismal 28%.

Unfortunately, I was not in attendance the first time she swooped through town, but I anticipate some orange #10 jerseys might dot the stands as a welcome (close to) home, of sorts.

Los Angeles was surpassed in the conference standings last night when the Silver Stars dominated the third quarter against the Shock - as usual - and pulled away for the victory. Now tied with Minnesota for the fourth spot in the west, every game becomes a must-win for L.A. and in turn a must-play-well for the rookie Riley and the rest of the Sparks roster.