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Mercury Rout Lynx, 110-92

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Nice night for a re-match...

Post-game via SB Nation Arizona:

Mercury Offense, Already On A Blistering Pace, Just Got Better - SB Nation Arizona
If you're like me and questioned the Mercury's giving up a first round pick for Kara Braxton, tonight's game should go a long way towards making you a believer. It wasn't so much the 20 points she scored in just over 18 minutes (9-for-13 shooting) as much as how quickly and seamlessly she fit into the team's already potent attack.

One would reasonably expect some time to draw up new plays and learn how and where to get her the ball but in just her third game she was already moving to her spot on the low block in the secondary break.

She's able to use her body to seal the defender and catch a pass on the baseline and then quickly attack the rim with great effect. One several occasions, the Mercury wings would get her the ball in a the mid-post area and then players like Dupree and Bonner would cut down the lane for an easy pass.

It's a very different look for the Mercury who were already rounding into form with the transition attack and pick and roll offense that creates match-up nightmares for opposing teams. Adding this kind of low-post power game to the mix almost seems unfair.

Asked if she's fitting in to the Mercury quicker than she thought, Braxton said, "Yeah. A lot quicker."

Game Preview via SB Nation Arizona

Kara Braxton Makes Home Debut Against Angry Lynx Cats - SB Nation Arizona
"How do I say this," Braxton said. "I don't want to say anything too bad. I just think it was a lack of knowing players and knowing how the WNBA works. I think after this year underneath his belt he'll do a lot better with recruiting and coaching."

But she also made it clear that Nolan Richardson has only himself to blame for creating an expansion-team type situation out of the Shock roster he inherited, "He traded away all his star players."