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Storm vs. Mercury Game Thread: A contrast in styles

Who: Seattle Storm (20-2) vs. Phoenix Mercury (10-12)

Where: KeyArena, Seattle, WA | TV: ESPN2 (or | WNBA LiveAccess | Radio: KKNW

What: A battle between first and second place in the West, with the Storm 10 games ahead in the standings but the Mercury on a bit of a roll. Tonight marks their fourth meeting and in their last meeting in Phoenix they went to triple overtime.

When: 6:30 pm PST

The Story:

SBN Seattle storystream

SBN Arizona storystream

Pre-game notes:

In his pre-game chat, Mercury coach Corey Gaines said before the game of both newly acquired center Kara Braxton and off-season acquisition Candice Dupree that learning the Mercury system would be like writers (us) learning to write "backwards": eventually you'll get comfortable and you'll get better once you do, but it takes a while to get used to. He said they practice with a 15-18 second clock, try to shoot quickly, gamble on defense, and try to force opponents into taking shots they don't normally take from players who don't normally take them.

Conversely, Gaines called the Storm a more poised team who won't "fall into their trap" of taking quick shots and stepping outside of their game. That doesn't mean they won't continue to create a chaotic situation, but they cannot count on that occurring against the Storm.

Join us in the comments during the game for running commentary and general fun.