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Lunch Break Game Thread: Atlanta Dream (15-9) vs. Tulsa Shock (4-19)

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Tulsa Shock mascot Volt the red fox
Tulsa Shock mascot Volt the red fox

It's a game thread y'all - take a break from your busy Tuesday work schedule and sneak in some basketball. And comment about it please!

Who: The Atlanta Dream travels to Tulsa to take on the Shock

What: This marks the second meeting between these two, with the first being the Dream's day game - a 96-90 affair won by the home team.

When:12:30 p.m. cst

Where:BOK Center - Tulsa, OK; watch on: NBA TV || Cox TV (local) || LiveAccess

The Story:The glamorous story from Tulsa's perspective is now the team is truly a Tulsa team. There are no remaining players on the Shock that made the move from Detroit less than a year ago. The real story? These ladies need a win. And bad. Perhaps the screaming Camp Day kids can serve as human vuvuzelas and cheer the team to victory. game preview