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Multiple scoring records broken as Phoenix scores 123 and sweeps Tulsa

Tulsa sure knows how to bring out the best in the Phoenix Mercury.

20 bests, in fact.

Is that number surprising to you? It was for one Diana Taurasi, who expressed surprise during an an exchange with some writers after the game when told that 20 WNBA or franchise scoring records were tied or broken against the Shock during their four game series this season.

"Wow! That's a lot!" she exclaimed.

Of course, that wasn't in just one game, but in three of the four meetings between the Mercury and Shock, at least four records were broken, with the Mercury adding four in last night's 123-91 victory in Tulsa.

But the point is that it was a lot of records. Almost too many to keep straight. So, to avoid confusion, here's the skinny on the records and the games in which they occurred this season:

May 25, 2010 - Phoenix 110 at Tulsa 96 (9 records)
[to further show the complexity of breaking too many records - at least for me to keep up with - the Mercury game notes say 10 records, but I either can't count, can't see, missed a line or there's just nine]

3-point FGM, quarter (individual)
WNBA record 5, Diana Taurasi
3-point FGM, half (individual)
tied WNBA record 6, Diana Taurasi
3-point FGM, game (individual)
tied WNBA & franchise record 8, Diana Taurasi
3-point FGM, game (team)
tied WNBA record, set franchise record 16
3-point FGA, game (team)
tied WNBA and franchise record 36
3-point FGM, half (team)
WNBA record 11

June 12, 2010 - Phoenix 116 vs. Tulsa 84 (5 records)

Highest FG percentage game (min, 8 FGs made) (individual)
franchise record 1.000, Candice Dupree
Most FGM, none missed, game (individual)
franchise record 8, Candice Dupree
Most points, 1st half (team)
franchise record 59
Most points, game (team)
WNBA record 116
Most assists, game (team)
franchise record 29

July 17, 2010 - Phoenix 97 vs. Tulsa 88 (no records)

July 22, 2010 - Phoenix 123 @ Tulsa 91 (6 records - at least)

Most points, 1st half (team)
WNBA and franchise record 67
Most points, 2nd quarter (team)
WNBA record 36
FGM, 1st half (team)
tied WNBA record 25
Most points, game (team)
WNBA and franchise record 123

So now we're up to 20 records in the span of four games, and I don't even know if I have them all! Another insane chart for your perusal is the most points scored in a single game in WNBA history. Phoenix has 8 of the top 9 league scoring efforts (and 10 of the top 14 if you care to go further).

123 Phoenix @ Tulsa July 22, 2010
116 Phoenix vs. Tulsa June 12, 2010
115 Phoenix vs. Sacramento June 13, 2009
114 Minnesota vs. Los Angeles May 31, 2006
112 Phoenix vs. Chicago (OT) June 20, 2008
112 Phoenix vs. Charlotte August 3, 2006
111 Phoenix vs. Connecticut (2OT) July 6, 2007
111 Phoenix vs. Houston May 25, 2007
111 Phoenix @ Houston (3OT) August 10, 2006

Diana Taurasi isn't the only one talking about this record-setting season series. Newest Shock teammate Ivory Latta calls the record-breaking performances by the Mercury "very defeating" and Scholanda Robinson dubs it "very, very frustrating" to have to try to overcome these star performances. And count Shock guard Shanna Crossley among the grateful for not having to face Phoenix again this year. 

"The way they're playing? Absolutely it's a great thing that we don't play them again," she said after Tulsa's latest loss and round of records put up by the Phoenix Mercury, defending champions who seem to be playing the last half of the season with that title as a banner of pride and determination to get back to the top.

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Shortly after the game, the Shock traded Kara Braxton to the Mercury for Nicole Ohlde and a draft pick.