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GameThread: Connecticut Sun at Indiana Fever, 1PM EST

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In a rare day game, the kids of "Kids Day" are out in full force, filling the middle bowl, clapping their Bam Bams, cheering wildly with every cameo on the jumbotron and creating an unnnaturally loud and boisterous playoff atmosphere here at Conseco FieldHouse. 

And all that 20 minutes before the game tips off!

A quick rundown of the news.

  • The Pacers, and subsequently the Fever, are staying in Conseco Fieldhouse and in Indianapolis following a 30 million dollar community bailout of the small-market team, ostensibly to upgrade CFH and to cover operating expenses.
  • The Fever waived "Fever Energizer" Shay Murphy and signed rookie Joy Cheek on Sunday.  It's not yet clear to outsiders what necessarily motivates the moves.
  • Katie Douglas won the three point shoot out.
  • Tamika Catching's knee is bother her, so she's been limiting her discretionary playing time.
  • Since the Fever shut down Tina Charles to 1-8 shooting and 4 rebounds in their last meeting, she has played well, but the Sun have lost three straight games and are just 3-7 on the road.
  • The lack of WNBA parity may be a good thing.  Except for the Storm, no one on either coast ever has an uncompetitive game.