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SB Nation Seattle & Swish Appeal

Where other than SB Nation Seattle can you talk about Sue Bird, Jake Locker, and the Seattle Mist in one place for a scientific analysis of Seattle's top five most popular athletes?

The fun has only begun.

You may have noticed, Seattle fans, that I will be contributing Seattle Storm content to SB Nation Seattle and in fact, the Storm even have their own little section (Hi, my name is Nate. You may remember me as the blogger "Q McCall" with a pseudo-transparent movie reference pseudonym from Rethinking Basketball" or "Swish Appeal). However, that doesn't mean there will no longer be Storm content on Swish Appeal. Just a brief rundown on how SBN Seattle will actually complement Swish Appeal.

  • Victory for short-attention span readers: there will be Storm content on both sites linked to one another, but not necessarily less Storm content. For those of you that grow weary of long posts, writing on two sites gives me ample reason to split them up if not shorten them. That means there will be basic Storm game recaps and summary narratives there linked to the statsy/analysis type stuff that is typically here.
  • Victory for developing stories: As you may have gathered from John Morgan's welcome post at SBN Seattle, "We exist somewhere between hardcore obsession...and the broad but shallow coverage that typifies mainstream media." We could probably spend all day talking about the new media/traditional media divide based upon that statement, but the meaning of that statement will evolve as we build up the site. But one of the coolest thing about the SBN platform to me is the "storystream" feature, which allows the editors of SBN Seattle to update the biggest stories as they develop. For Storm games, for example, there will probably be a stream that includes pre-game links, a link to the game thread (here on, major updates, a brief recap, and then a link to the final statistical summary or other more hardcore overanalysis on my part. As a writer, I think it's a really cool feature and I'll be thinking of ways to maximize that.
  • Victory for Seattle-area blogs: Swish Appeal is not a "Seattle-area" blog, so it is not listed there, but you will notice 6 other regional blogs affiliated with SBN Seattle. The idea is that to actually enhance the visibility of all of the blogs of interest to Seattle fans, even if it might take a little bit of time to smooth out some tension. If we can bring together Cougars and Huskies, our future is bright.
  • But wait, where are the Storm? You may also notice that the Storm do not have a tab on the top banner (side note: women's college basketball coverage will be included in the "college" section). However, as a growing niche league with a long off-season where players are overseas and news is slow, perhaps that makes some sense. In any event, the Storm do now have an official SBN "section" where you can get access to all the Storm content in one place:

As someone who will continue covering women's college and professional basketball as part of SBN Seattle, it is sort of interesting to note that within hours of launch we got our first contentious women's sports comment on the Top 5 post. A challenge for the success of women's basketball coverage on SBN Seattle? Maybe, but the goal here is to build community around the range of Seattle professional sports and we hope that the readers will come to appreciate that rather than demeaning the sports they don't like.