PAC What?

First it was going to be the PAC-16, a big super conference split in two, have a football championship like the SEC, make more revenue. Therefore the PAC-10 was wooing football powerhouses Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. In preparation for this, the PAC-10 got Colorado to join. What? Why? Then all the others said no. It’s just like when you invite a group of the "cool" kids to your party and they all say sure, and then the cool kids drop out but their nerdy cousin says they can still make it, what time and they will bring scrabble. (Sorry, C and R have been reverting back to high school metaphors because we are watching waaaay too much "Glee")

Now the PAC-10 is stuck being called the uncool PAC-11 (just like the New Directions Glee Club), so they will probably ask little ol’ Utah to join so they can be the PAC-12 and still have their football championship. (Utah is pretending all innocence, saying no one has contacted them). If that happens, Utah joins, then this will add unnecessary travel to the West Coast schools at a time when budgets are being cut and some sports are in danger of losing all funding.

And why did the PAC-10 start this shake up (or shake down)? Money. They were hoping to draw those big Texas schools and get their football bowl money to split amongst the schools. USA Today follows and explains the money trail nicely.

We here at C and R think the big schools never had any intention on leaving, but were just using the offer to get a better deal from their current league, kinda like when an employee tells his boss he has another job offer somewhere else, and all of a sudden the boss is throwing all kinds of incentives to get the employee to stay. (hence the shake down reference). But we’re just sayin’… nothing official or on the record here.

And that's what you missed on "Glee", we mean "As the PAC-10 Turns".

Stay tuned….