Storm practice notes: Next dance for Seattle Storm coach Brian Agler? Jerkin'.

We have provided a simple 10 step tutorial for Agler's next dance.

Seattle Storm coach Brian Agler is a man of many talents.

Coaching the Storm to a league-best 9-1 record. Great father. Today in practice he was seen juggling basketballs. And of course, he does a mean Stanky Leg.

There's so much for a daughter to be proud of - she even posted the Stanky Leg video on her Facebook page, dismissing the feelings of embarrassment many adolescents might otherwise fall prey to.

However, Storm forward Swin Cash suggested that perhaps Agler should ask his daughter for help with the next dance...wait, there's more?

"Probably the Jerk -- I think that would be a much easier one," said Cash, when asked after practice today what she might want Agler to do next. "We're taking baby steps here."

Thankfully, YouTube has a simple 10 step tutorial to help Agler through those baby steps of Jerkin'. Perhaps he'll have time to watch it while on the road.

Speaking of which, no word on whether Agler plans on hitting the clubs while on the road in either Indianapolis or New York City, but he was predictably modest about whether he is a better dancer than his upcoming opponent, Indiana Fever coach Lin Dunn.

"I've never seen Lin Dunn dance," said Agler, who has never been one to underestimate his opponents. "But I'm sure she would win."

Fear not - the team is not growing complacent. This is just about expanding horizons.

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Seattle Storm coach Brian Agler doing the Stanky Leg.