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Coach Speak: ISU coaches Fennelly & Steyer on Alison Lacey vs. Lindsey Wilson

Iowa State University has the distinction of having two of its former point guards vying for roster spots in Seattle Storm training camp. Many know Alison Lacey, or Aus, the Storm's first round draft pick but some might not be as familiar with 2003 graduate Lindsey Wilson.

Both point guards are trying their best to impress Storm head coach Brian Agler and secure themselves a WNBA roster spot. Today in Ames, Cyclone head coach Bill Fennelly and assistant coach Jodi Steyer took some time to pick and choose between the two with some "tough" questions - favorite memory, most vocal, funniest, best defender, most coachable and more.

Up first are Fennelly's quick answers:


...and Steyer's answers to these same questions:


Lacey and Wilson - though they never met before training camp - bonded by alma mater and forging new bonds in the sisterhood of the W. 

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