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Australian forward Abby Bishop: First takes from her first Seattle Storm practice

Swish Appeal chatted with recent Seattle Storm training camp arrival Abby Bishop for a few minutes after practice yesterday about WNBA competition and the player who impressed her most. She's still getting names down, but at 21, she's excited about playing in the WNBA.

Bishop described herself during media day as a strong rebounder who could also play outside.

STORM: Notebook: Bishop Hoping to Prove Herself
The biggest difference Bishop anticipates will be in the size of opponents. At 6-3, she's primarily an interior player in Australia, but she expects to make more use of her face-up game against WNBA competition.

"I'm a rebounding forward," she said. "I can play outside. I don't know how I'm going to go against these girls. I don't know what to expect. Ask me that in a few days and I can give you an answer."

Storm coach Brian Agler said Bishop did a good job and her first practice and reiterated what both Bishop -- and Jackson -- said previously.

"She picks things up quickly," said Agler. "She's a mobile, strong, physical player. And she's competitive, she's extremely competitive. So I was pleased with what I saw there...What Lauren told me over the winter was right -- she's hardnosed, she's competitive, she's a good athlete, she's skilled, shoots the ball with range."

With versatility being the name of the game for this season, Bishop could make the Storm's roster math more complicated.

To see a brief post-practice video of Lauren Jackson, please see our Facebook Fan Page.