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Open Thread: Mercury (2-1) vs Dream (4-0)

The focus for the Mercury in this game is really really really simple. Three "really's"

1) Angel McCoughtry who is leading the Dream with 21 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists. She has the potential to be the best all-around player since...Diana Taurasi

2) Erika De Souza who is punishing defenders by running the floor and getting easy, quick looks in the paint. Erika is shooting 55% and grabbing 10.3 rebounds per game

3) Turnovers. The Mercury have now coughed up the ball 22 times, 24 times and 18 time in the first three games. That simply can't continue. The best guess is that the players are adjusting to the half court style they played in Europe to the Mercury's up-tempo pace. That's what Coach Gaines hopes anyway

Game Notes as provided by the Mercury PR staff:

  • The Dream are the only remaining undefeated team in the W
  • These two teams have an average margin of victory for the winning team of 23 points in their long, long four-game history
  • Tangela Smith needs 24 minutes to reach 11,000 for her career. She is also 17 points away from 4,500 points
  • Penny Taylor is three buckets away from 1,000 career field goals and Taurasi is six assists away from 800