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Dishin' & Swishin': "The Roundtable" Speaks

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One of my favorite things about hosting the Dishin' & Swishin' show, is that I get to talk to so many people that are far more knowledgable about things than I am! I never fail to learn something when I talk to a player, coach, or administrative personnel in this wonderful game of women's basketball.

This is especially true when I host "The Roundtable" on what's happening in the WNBA and women's hoops. This year I host some of the most important journalists covering women's basketball today: Jayda Evans, one of the few print reporters that covers the league regularly (, Cheryl Coward, the ultimate purveyor of all information women's hoops ( and the Guru himself, Mel Greenberg, recently retired from print but not from covering the game he loves ( An incredible group of journalists, with an incredible amount of information.

Once a month we will gather, perhaps adding one or two more contributors, and kick around the topics of that time. This week was an intro to that forum, as the season has just begun, but we sure managed to find some fun discussion! Here's a few of the topics we discussed.

The first weekend of the WNBA season was a blast! Sell out lower bowl crowds, exciting finishes, the Phoenix ring ceremony, and a few surprises. So what were the biggest surprises of the first weekend? The Roundtable speaks:

Dishin & Swishin: The Round Table on the First Weekend

One of the biggest surprises had to be the start of Monique Currie and the Washington Mystics. A 2-0 start over two teams considered to be title contenders has the new look Mystics primed for a successful season. How much of this is attributable to Katie Smith's addition? The Roundtable speaks:

Dishin & Swishin: Round Table on the Washington Mystics

As it was the first Roundtable of the year, I couldn't let everyone off the hook without giving their predictions on the season. So check out who Jayda, Cheryl, Mel and I have for our early predictions on contenders and MVP candidates. The Roundtable speaks:

Dishin & Swishin: Round Table Makes Predictions on Season and MVP

So when the Roundtable will reconvene to discuss things is yet to be determined at this point, but one thing is certain: it will be full of opinions, full of information, and full of laughs. I again thank Jayda, Cheryl and Mel for their contributions, and hopefully you will all check it out on