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Swish Appeal Final Top 40 2010 WNBA Draft Prospects By Position

An update of the previous list of prospects by position, with links to all of our analysis and noting some statistical sleepers.

Point guards:

  1. Allison Lacey, Iowa State
  2. Ashley Houts, Georgia
  3. Melissa Lechlitner, Notre Dame
  4. Courtnay Pilypatis, Vermont

Combo guards:

  1. Andrea Riley, Oklahoma State
  2. Alexis Gray-Lawson, California
  3. Taylor Lilley, Oregon
  4. Chelsea Marandola, Providence
  5. Alexis Rack, Mississippi State

Shooting guards:

  1. Monica Wright, Virginia
  2. Kalana Greene, Connecticut
  3. Allison Hightower, LSU
  4. Ashley Barlow, Notre Dame **sleeper**
  5. Tyra Grant, Penn State
  6. Jene Morris, San Diego State University
  7. Bianca Thomas, Mississippi
  8. Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, Stanford
  9. Armelie Lumanu, Mississippi State University
  10. May Kotsopoulos, Vermont

Small forwards:

  1. Tanisha Smith, Texas A&M
  2. Lacey Simpson, Illinois **sleeper**
  3. Danielle McCray, Kansas
  4. Nyeshia Stevenson, Oklahoma
  5. Lindsay Schrader, Notre Dame

Combo forwards:

  1. Kelsey Griffin, Nebraska
  2. Alysha Clark, Middle Tennessee State University
  3. Vivian Frieson, Gonzaga
  4. Shanavia Dowdell, Louisiana Tech University **sleeper**
  5. Amanda Thompson, Oklahoma
  6. Gabriela Marginean, Drexel
  7. Shanara Hollinquest, Tennessee at Chattanooga
  8. Heather Bowman, Gonzaga

Power forwards:

  1. Jenna Smith, Illinois
  2. Ashley Sweat, Kansas State


  1. Tina Charles, UConn
  2. Jayne Appel, Stanford
  3. Jacinta Monroe, Florida State
  4. Chanel Mokango, Mississippi State
  5. Abi Olajuwon, Oklahoma
  6. Alyssa DeHaan, Michigan State