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WNBA Draft Day - Man am I excited and I won't even hear my name called!

When I tossed and turned last night from my Secaucus hotel room, finally falling asleep from sheer exhaustion, thoughts of today and the WNBA draft just wouldn't get out of my head. What will the conversations will be like with prospects, coaches, families, the Commissioner, any people I might run across? Did I pick the right clothes? Will all my fancy electronic equipment work the way I want it to? Can I find the WNBA headquarters without getting lost (which as an aside, I did last night)?

If these are my thoughts - just an observer and documenter of the process - imagine what's going on in the heads and hearts of Monica Wright, Jene Morris, Jayne Appel or even the commish herself, Donna Orender. In this technology driven day and age, you can do more than imagine - you can see what they're really thinking and saying through great tools like Twitter. Here you can get an inside scoop of the day in each 140 character burst, to be complimented by the great coverage the Swish Appeal team is hoping to provide.

Queenie and I will be in-person at the draft and once the picks start flying Q will be crunching the numbers and data, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses that each WNBA is acquiring as the day goes on. I've never been to a live draft aside for ones with fantasy football flavor, so I can't tell you what you'll get from your New Jersey correspondents. The hopes are to get you the sights and sounds, from backstage and beyond, capturing the 14 invitees' nervousness and anticipation while masking my own, initial reactions from anyone we can grab to talk about their day and their future and the overall innerworkings of what the draft is all about, from right here on Swish Appeal as well from my own Twitter feed.

The picks begin at 3:00 est, but the insider coverage starts in about an hour, so hold on to your hats, enjoy the ride and enjoy WNBA draft day - I know I will!