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Swish Appeal: "the best general WNBA coverage of any site"

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Mentions of Swish Appeal were made by both the WNBA and the Seattle Storm in their own publications today.

Above, you will see mention of the Seattle Storm's Ashley Robinson and her recent off-season role with the WNBA. Included in this role was developing storylines and pitching story ideas. Her fist pitch-turned-story can be seen right here on Swish Appeal in The Unlikely Story of Johannah Leedham, as written by freelantz.

And below, the Seattle Storm organization doled out accolades for Q McCall and the Swish Appeal site, saying " continues to provide the best general WNBA coverage of any site". This compliment follows Q's coverage of Devanei Hampton's impressive performance at Monday's practice.

As we strive to continue to provide a high standard of coverage of the WNBA and women's college basketball we hope that you - our readers - enjoy what you see and keep coming back for more!

See a screenshot of the mentions after the jump.