Part 2 of Gray-Lawson interview: reflecting on her career at Cal & "undercoverly" rooting for Stanford in the Final Four


In Part 1 of the Alexis Gray-Lawson interview posted yesterday, she shared some things about her experience in the WNBA. In Part 2 -- posted at California Golden Blogs -- she shares her reflections on her experience at Cal. But first, a stray quote from Gray-Lawson about she and her dad rooting for Stanford, further exhibiting a bit of her humor by inserting the word "undercoverly" into an interview: "You know what? Undercoverly, I was [rooting for Stanford]," said Gray-Lawson. "My dad had on all his Stanford gear at the Final Four. It was so funny because he couldn’t sport any Stanford gear before that game, so he said, ‘Oh ok – I’m going to represent for the Pac-10.’ So he bought all Stanford stuff and he was rooting for them big. And I have a lot of friends that’s on both teams so I was excited to be there and be able to support Stanford and UConn at the same time." Head over to CaliforniaGoldenBlogs for more on her college career.