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#3 Xavier vs #6 Vanderbilt: WTS Live Blog

I'm still trying to digest my thoughts after last night's Gonzaga - Texas A&M game in Seattle, but the world is not kind enough to wait for me to catch up.

The tournament marches forward, with or without the humor of Gary Blair.

While I will be pulling hard for the UCLA Bruins to represent the Pac-10 with an upset, Kaci from WTS will be bringing you another live blog from Cincinnati with the Xavier University - Vanderbilt game that starts at 7:06 pm EST. 

The key in this game might be Vanderbilt's ability to limit Xavier on the offensive boards where they out rebounded opponents to a tune of 41.00% to 28.44%. Unfortunately, offensive rebounding was Vanderbilt's biggest weakness during the season as they were outrebounded on the offensive glass by just under 3%.

However, there's a reason why they call it March "Madness" -- strange things happen when the teams actually play the games. Neither statistics nor seedings seem to matter, even if the favorite eeks out a narrow victory.